What's New?!

Today, right here, right now, I am thrilled to introduce you to the new Local Lady website! I decided to hit the refresh button for a few reasons. 


I love exploring various types of content creation.
In the high-speed world we live in, there are several avenues to get your story in the hands of someone's mobile phone, newsfeed, email or bookshelf. Because of this, I thrive in taking one interview with an entrepreneurial brain and deciding which medium gives the reader, viewer or listener an encouraging story to take with them on their journey as a creative or simply a patron of the arts. 

You know a good creative outlet when it continues to tap you on the shoulder.
I would be lying if I said it hasn't been hard managing The Local Lady with my full-time job and just everything that is life. The brand started from humble beginnings in my early college years when I was looking for a creative project to put all my extra creative energy into.

Since then I've gone through several re-branding phases, figuring out how much content to release at a time, the all-encompassing goal and wondering to myself, "should even still be 'The Local Lady'?!"  Haha deep right? And yes, friends do occasionally greet me as "The Local Lady" and I'll admit, it feels pretty darn good. But, despite all the questions you have while creating, you continue to do what you love because you love it. Through this process I've learned what I really want and this brand is something I really, really want to continue, whatever it may amount to be. 

Reason three, I got a rush of ideas and I'd be dumb to not go through with them.
So. Here's the deal my friends.

This is the content organization I briefed earlier. Features from my other layout can still be found here on this site. They have been collectively imported into the "Features" section. In addition, I'll be sharing contributed posted by experts in the PR, finance and fundraising side of small business! I got friends who know things and I want to share them with you!

My podcast episodes now live in a separate blog page with photos and additional info. The Local Lady Podcast is available for listening on Apple Podcasts. Hit that subscribe button and write a review if you dare! By the way, there's a new episode featuring John Tumminello of Musicians Corner available now!

But wait...the news doesn't stop there!
You'll find an "Instagram Spotlight" section dedicated to my recommendations for the best small business Instagram profiles I've discovered in my explore feed. Social media has done well in helping me create my travel bucket list!

Local Lady is going LIVE with chefs, event designers and more.
Visit the LIVE streaming schedule for when I'll be going LIVE on Facebook, Periscope/Twitter and Instagram. Upcoming episodes feature Two Ten Jack, LMA Designs and Salt & Vine! This is an opportunity for you to discover new brands, recipes, and lifestyle tutorials from the unique style of the makers themselves. This is an opportunity for real-time audience engagement, one of my favorite components of LIVE video!

"Will they be available for replay?" you ask?
Yes, Local Lady LIVE will be available for replay on Facebook and Periscope/Twitter pages.

Before we get to the next piece of news, follow me on the socials:

I'm passing on my creativity to the small business community.
I get that both continuing a thriving business and starting one has its' budget limits and time constraints. None of us can do it all and the goal of my creative services is to give you a helping hand without asking for an extra helping of your funds! If you're in need of a new website, logo or social media management I'm you're gal. If you have a killer website, logo and social media strategy, props and praise to you!! It takes more work than people realize. So that being said, if you're looking for a little extra promo I am now taking sponsors for my podcast and Local Lady LIVE interviews. In addition, heck I'll design a web ad for my site if you want one as well or collaborate on a giveaway! To explore all the services, advertising options and what you get in return, let's chit chat

Be in the know about new stories on the blog and in your city.
It's one thing to send you updates on blog happenings, but what if you don't live in Nashville?! Another layering goal of my brand is to stretch beyond Music City and find small businesses all over the U.S. In addition to my newsletter highlighting the latest content, sign up for my "My City. My Local." for recommendations on hot-spots in your neighborhood. 

And that is all the news I have for you now! Any feedback, questions and feature interests can be messaged to me here. Browse and enjoy. I look forward to sharing more stories soon!

Embracing Authenticity & Family Legacies,
Libby Oellerich, 
The Local Lady