Garden Eats with Butcher & Bee

To Bryan Weaver, farm-to-table dining is more than a trend.

Butcher & Bee's palate sensibility involves preparing simple food with attention to seasonal ingredients and bold flavors. 

For 10 years, Weaver developed his skills in California, Denver and Portland where some of the best produce can be found. He moved to Nashville in order to be close to family, and the stars aligned perfectly for him to continue his career on the East Coast. "I kind of just fell into it. I didn’t go to culinary school. I started washing dishes and I fell in love with fine dining from visiting farmers' markets often," Weaver says. Through working at Husk for Chef Sean Brock, Weaver was introduced to Michael Shemtov, owner/founder of Butcher & Bee. Both Husk and B&B are Charleston, SC, originals. 

Apart from managing the kitchen, Weaver enjoys breaking the monotony and visiting farmers' markets around town. Bryan works with Bloomsbury Farms and Nashville Grown. "Agriculture is a very important thing to me-being able to connect with the farmers directly and not just from a large produce company," he notes.

The aesthetic of B&B is ideal for lounging, hanging at the bar or sharing a meal family-style. '"A lot of the core of what we do looks very simple but at the end of the day it ends up being very complex. We have fun with it but at the same time we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel." The open kitchen, produce shelving and plans for a garden in their outdoor patio makes this East Nashville restaurant a rising hot spot.

For Butcher and Bee, visitors and neighboring chefs have extended their warm welcome. Through his experience of becoming co-owner of a local restaurant, he encourages new business owners to be aware of the hard work and research it requires. "You never know who is going to walk through your doors. Be supportive of what’s going on around you," he says.When I asked Bryan about why people are catching on to the local food craze, he sees this public knowledge as a natural progression as more resources are provided to learn about eating clean, sustainable foods. As a community supporter himself, apps from Little Octopus, happy hour pizza from Lockeland Table and fried chicken at Husk are among his obsessions. When asked what his go-to meals are on the west coast, the asian, thai and seafood can't be beat! 


What I personally enjoyed about Butcher & Bee was the catchy menu names and what you could order for the price! For $16 you can order a total of 4 appetizers, $24 for 6, or $50 for all if you can't just pick one! If you're visiting the Charleston location, you'll notice the menu is primarily sandwiches, where the "Honest to Goodness Food" claim was born!  

View the full Nashville menu here. Thanks to Bryan and B&B staff for welcoming me into your kitchen!