Local Lady goes LIVE with LMA Designs + Two Ten Jack

Today I wrapped the first stream of Local Lady LIVE with a couple of Nashville's finest business women! Lauren Marie Atkinson, owner and founder of LMA Designs was joined by her team (Deanna Bruton-Johnson & Ruth Nagyvegi) to share a tutorial on an easy summer flower arrangement with unexpected color combos and statement florals. Today was also the launch of their new delivery subscription service Wink by LMA Designs, available to the Nashville area! 

You'll also learn a quick and light recipe for Tuna Poke, one of Two Ten Jack's staple plates. Jess Benefield gave the rundown of chili oil prep, best drinks to pair with the dish and why Two Ten Jack OWNS the small plate menu! 

Ingredients in Tuna Poke small plate: chili oil, tuna, apples, jalapeno, shallot, radish, cucumber, sesame crisps/wonton crisps, baby greens/sprouts

Browse photos from our afternoon and replay the interview below from our Facebook page.

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Photography by Cooper Smith Creative