The Pie That's Truly All In 'Good Company'

Let's all go ahead and agree that America's most versatile and lovable pastry could turn your day upright, add warmth to a conversation and no-doubt win the dessert table. Nashville's newest pie vendor, Good Company Pies, has definitely mastered this comfort food in all its' glory.

While meeting over drinks at Bastion, I chatted with GCP owner/founder Ashley Martinie about her accomplishment of launching a small business this month, the travel destinations we promise to re-visit in our lifetime and why Tennis is one of the most underrated indie pop acts to date! 

Good Company Apple Pie + Amelia's Flower Truck Bouquet

Good Company Apple Pie + Amelia's Flower Truck Bouquet

Martinie has worked in music management for most of her career and always had an itch to take on a creative business of her own. After a year of researching pie-making techniques, Ashley Martinie narrowed down her recipe log to 25 flavors she thought were winners. The original Apple Pie began Martinie's side-hustle, thus becoming her full-time gig, Good Company Pies. With clever marketing efforts, she launched the business on March 14, 2017, nationally known as Pi Day! 

"When I want a pie, I want my grandma's pie. The simpler the better," she notes. 

While she didn't come from an intense culinary background, Ashley was heavily-influenced by her family's involvement in the business side of the food industry. Her mom was a caterer while her sister currently works for a food magazine in St. Louis.

"My favorite family-tradition hands down is eating, no joke. For celebrations or holidays, we always chose a creative project, a craft to decorate or traditional family recipe to share," she recalls. Aside from the traditional Apple, Chocolate and Pecan pies, Ashley takes on her own versions of the Oatmeal Pie (note, this includes chocolate at the bottom which makes me want one right this second as I'm typing this post) and the Shoofly Pie (spices, molasses and streusel). Admittedly, my will power in the dessert category is poor. While trying her Apple flavor I had to reign in my tendency to save slices for 3 meals in a day!



"I want pie to be a part of the dessert playing field again. It's cozy, comforting and it pairs well with a coffee or beer. It's a communal facilitator," she says. 

Good Company officially delivers handcrafted pies made from local ingredients within a 25 mile radius of the metro Nashville are. Follow @goodcompanypies on Instagram and Facebook to be notified when new seasonal flavors are available for order!