Where There's Brunch There's a Party!

Over the weekend, I discovered the craziest brunch of my life at Party Fowl on 8th!

So before you even get a head start on Monday, you must know about the Brunch For Two, the specialty Party Fowl weekends are best known for! (More like Brunch For Four but alas, brunch is supposed to be an adventure!)

Yes, this is a liter and a half of Bloody Mary plus two whole cornish hens, an avocado, two whole scotch eggs, eight fried okra, and olives! It is indeed as good as looks and if you want try your appetite at one be sure to make a reservation. Party Fowl only makes 3 per day (brunch is served on weekends only) and I assure you it's an easy meal to split if you want to get out of your comfort zone! 


Executive Chef Bart Pickens (formerly at The Loveless Café) is a NOLA native and he's made Nashville Hot Chicken a star on the menu. The 

Hot Chicken and Stuffed French Toast (pictured on the left) 

is a popular choice as well. The spicy plus sweet flavors are heaven on earth. 

Other brunch highlights include the Loaded Hot Chicken Biscuit (pictured below)Nashville Hot Chicken BenedictBird in a Blanket (three thin pancakes filled with smoked chicken), his version of a Hawaiian Loco Moco, a Smoked Chicken Fritatta and more!



If you're not feeling brunch on the weekends, the all-day menu is available! The Hot Chicken B&B (hot chicken served with beignets) is another weekend splurge and I will need say more because beignets. 

arty Fowl offers a unique and fun drink menu featuring six frozen craft cocktails and spins on the classics created by Freddy Schwenk of Nashville Ice Lab. 

About Party Fowl
Specializing in Hot Chicken and cold drinks, Party Fowl offers diners a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The menu, created by executive chef Bart Pickens, includes a number of hot chicken dishes with heat levels ranging from mild to “Poultrygeist,” as well as creative spins on the classics. Party Fowl offers more than 20 local beers on draft, and is home to a craft cocktail program created by consulting beverage directors Freddy Schwenk and Matt Buttel of Nashville Ice Lab. With 13 large-screen TVs and a stage for live music performances, entertainment abounds at the hot chicken restaurant. Owners Austin Smith and Nick Jacobson opened the restaurant with the hopes of bringing together the best of Nashville under one roof by combining great food, great drinks and great music.