Painted, Sealed and Delivered

Anna Bright is painting her mark on the world with canvas' for your living room or celebratory occasion (aka stellar backdrops)! I caught up with the artist behind Sealed after meeting her at Porter Flea market (again, one of the best craft fairs to meet makers in and outside Nashville!). In our interview, Anna talks about designing art with splashes of color, metallic and calligraphy plus where you should stop if you're passing through Cullman, Alabama! 

What led you to pursuing art as a full-time career? 

Calligraphy was a side job and stress reliever for about a year before my husband graciously suggested I pursue it harder. I’m an "all or nothing” mixed with perfectionist kinda girl and this was the green light to finally get to pursue and expand my calligraphy how I had hoped to. As newlyweds, I spent a couple weekends pulling out my old paints to work on some budget-friendly decor for our new home. Friends and family started seeing some of my pieces and before realizing it, I had added painting to my art career. I still can’t believe I get to do what I do, it’s a lot of hard work being your own boss but the freedom to create and share with others makes it all so rewarding.

Message behind the name "Sealed”? 

The inspiration for the name “Sealed” comes from a phrase that has resonated with me for some time—as a believer, my heart rests assured that I live in a covenant with Christ that has been sealed by His blood and marked by the Holy Spirit. My job requires relationships between myself and the client to best understand their needs. I pray that these relationships can ultimately bring glory to Christ and that they can understand their fate has also been sealed should they choose to believe Christ is their Savior.

You design art and calligraphy for weddings and celebratory occasions- what has been most rewarding about creating pieces for someone's special day? 

It’s the most exciting and also nerve-racking thing watching a client’s thoughts come to fruition. Seeing an idea start as chicken scratch, grow to a sketch, then to something you can hold and feel is so rewarding. Each step gets a little bit lovelier. Then, to see that final piece take on it’s uniqueness as it falls in to place on the wedding day or in a new home, ohhhh that’s just the most fun part! 

Describe your style of art and what it means to you. 

My taste is simple, and I feel like that comes out in what I would call clean, abstract art. I love that my art can transform and adapt depending on where it’s placed. It works for a crowd of tastes that are all so unique and even so different from my own. It’s fun to see how individuals can see one piece of art in such a variety of ways!

Did you always know you wanted to start your own creative business? 

Honestly no! As a kid, I would’ve said I just wanted to grow up and do arts and crafts, but I had no clue that was actually an option! I’ve roped my husband in to working with me so that makes this whole work thing all the more fun.

What are a couple of your go-to local spots in your hometown? 

Duchess Bakery has been dominating donuts for 60 years and it’s in walking distance of our house, we debate if that’s fortunate or unfortunate for us! We’re weekly regulars to Grumpy’s Italian Grill trivia night and we spend a lot of time walking the historic district we live in (this is our pup’s favorite “go-to”).

Best part about being involved in your local business community? 

Our town is small but has perks; people are close-knit and always willing to help. Cullman has the attitude “we’re all in this together” which is really pretty special! My husband and I both pursue our own businesses and have experienced first-hand how encouraging and supportive our community is of small business. There may not be a lot of similar creatives for me to work with and learn from here, but it’s helpful to understand the business world as a whole, not necessarily just in my industry.