Humor Your Squad with a Greeting: Wink Wink Paper Co.

To Holley Maher, greeting cards should express what you really want to say to the birthday girl/guy, next-door-neighbor or a friend who needs a pep talk. Working full-time as a songwriter and stationary designer, Maher is all very familiar with bringing words to life. She illustrates each handmade card and art print in her stationary collection, Wink Wink Paper Co.

And the color doesn't stop there---weavings, wrapping paper and custom mini portraits make for the most darling home decor! 

Last week I sat down over Steadfast Coffee in her Germantown studio to talk catchy phrases for snail mail, work playlists and hobbies we fell in love with as kids! Lucky you, the full story is my first podcast feature (and it won't be my last!) Click below to hear our conversation on Itunes or Soundcloud. croll further for photos of Holley's studio that she shares with Handmade Studio TN and wedding planner, Jessica Sloane!



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"We hope that our products make you laugh, connect with friends and loved ones, and be your most happy, laugh-y, and inspired self." - Wink Wink Paper Co. website


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