Sunday Spotlight: Amelia's Flower Truck

Today I took a little stroll through my neighborhood to soak in the sun and find a pick-me-up for my newly decorated apartment! The adorable VW pickup in hunter green, also known as Amelia's Flower Truck, caught my eye last week while driving to work. Owner, Mattie brought her small business to life in February of this year to give Nashville a taste of her travels around the globe. Amelia is already capturing the hearts of passerby's, families and anyone who is welcoming the Spring season! Customers can make their own bouquet or ask the owners to put something together at random. Follow Amelia's Flower Truck on

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Hoping you had a Sunday well spent! Enjoy the photos I snapped of Amelia's fresh cut flowers and get out in the beautiful sunshine this week! 

Where's Amelia