Modern Day Gardening with The Zen Succulent


Air Plant Starter Kit

Spring is an initiative to refresh my closet, recipe box and white walls. In the past I’ve set goals to grow my own herbs or tend to a few houseplants, though wandering through Home Depot wasn't the most calming process. Thankfully, there are small business made products that can add charm to your space no matter how large you are livin’ life!

Megan George, Raleigh born and raised, founded a terrarium design business because of her liking to agriculture and decorative green spaces. The Zen Succulent is a collection of terrarium kits and accents meant to charm your living area! As a child, Megan adored her grandmother’s floor terrarium and has since introduced approachable methods of incorporating greenery into your personal design. The goal of Zen Succulent is to welcome tranquility with visually stimulant plants.


“What makes succulents so popular is they are drought tolerant. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in gardening to take care of them,” she reassures. You’ll be happy to hear that these miniature landscapes only require watering 1-2 times a week.

Megan uses locally sourced plants from J & C Greenhouses in Princeton, NC, as well her own garden. “We always tell people our DNA is on every creation we send out,” she says.

The brand all started when Megan’s mother Margaret wanted to make a terrarium as a gift for a friend. When the George’s started to receive requests for wedding bouquets and table settings, Megan set up an Etsy account to possibly turn her love of plants into a business. Within a short period of time, she sold her first product.

For design inspiration, Megan looks to her surroundings, being that Raleigh is one of the greenest landscapes in the south. She enjoys looking through old National Geographic books as well as photos from her latest trip to Sedona, AZ, a highly inhabited region for modern plant muse.

Through Zen Succulent, Megan learned a lot people wanted indoor plants but were afraid they wouldn't take too much skill and maintenance. Her latest book, Modern Terrarium Studio is perfect for the beginner as well as someone who has been gardening for years. “My suggestion for anyone starting a business is to find a need in the industry or market you’re in and fill that need,” she notes. In addition to the book, this mother-daughter team offers a variety of workshops and booking opportunities in Raleigh.

Tips and tricks from the makers:

-"Lighting situations make a difference in how various succulent plants grow. Cactus’ create color and vibrancy while aloes and jade plants are deeper greens that look best in low light."

-"Plants with different heights also add dimension and texture. Try combing medium, short and tall plants for that ‘miniature landscape’ effect.”

-“Be careful as to not allow heat to hit glass directly or it may heat the plant!”

-"Air plants live without soil or roots, require little watering, and are great for wedding bouquets or parties."

If you're taking a road trip to Raleigh:

  • "Gather is the scene for hand makers who are doing things and doing it well."
  • "Edge of Urgeby Jesse Williams, is the place to find eccentric gifts for your mom and your best friend alike.
  • "owntown is the spot find fascinating studios, independent artists like Old News Design, potters and good BBQ! "

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