Friday Climb Day!



y exercise routine 95% of the time involves running...outdoors. During the winter the treadmill is my problem child and I look forward to when it's warm enough to enjoy the sunshine at 6am! I'm addicted to checking the weather 10 times a day to make sure weather permits my preparation for a great run. I know, some may think I'm a little crazy if they aren't morning people (or runners), but everyone has a workout that fits their lifestyle and health needs! The downside to running and only running, prevents time to strength train. So last year, I went back and forth about signing up as a

Climb Nashville

member after tagging along with a friend. Within a year's time, I've discovered noticeable lifestyle benefits from everything Climb Nashville has to offer!

1. The variety of workouts that comes with the price of a membership is unheard of.

As a member you receive unlimited access to a full schedule of classes plus climbing, so you definitely get your money's worth! For a few months I climbed regularly, migrating to bouldering, then trying out the exercise equipment (when the weather was a struggle.) Recently, I've picked up their yoga classes which are fabulous! 

2. With the variety comes daily challenges and setting new goals. 

Each time I climb or take a class, I can tell I got a good workout. Whether that be a new wall to conquer or record to beat, I'm always discovering how my body is changing and what I can do to feel stronger and reach my goals. 

3. There is no such thing as making too many friends.

If and when you decide to join (which I hope you do) you will meet a new face! They may join you as a climbing partner or you may meet them in a new class. Or like me, you may get to know your instructors! Making a friend at the gym always makes my workout less boring. Members can also mingle through Climb Nashville's events including: outdoor trips, workshops and Pint Nights!! 

4. I don't feel the need to wear expensive workout attire.

I love my Lulu running shorts but with all the chalk involved with climbing sometimes an old college t-shirt works. Everyone is focusing on the next rock to reach rather than their neighbor's color coated outfit. Like I said earlier, I prefer outdoor training and Climb Nashville has that feel!

5. Most importantly, I feel stronger with less injuries.

Yesterday I went on a trail run with my friend Jenn and I overheard a woman in front of us say, "Us runners are known for strong quads and nothing else!" This statement is indeed true if you don't incorporate upper body and core exercises. My runs feel more intentional and enjoyable. Yay for branching out in the fitness world!

I love being a part of a local gym, operated by local people to form a healthy Nashville community! 

If you are a member, what other classes should I try and what do you love most about Climb Nashville?