A One-Woman Pony Show

Owner, Pippin Chapman | Photo: Jennifer Stalvey

Owner, Pippin Chapman | Photo: Jennifer Stalvey

Pippin Chapman, sunshiny and delightful as her name, greets locals and tourists everyday with vintage items and custom pieces of her own. Take a couple streets past East Nashville's 5 Points district, and you've reached Pony Show, a parade of all things Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe. "We're a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll," Chapman says. 

Pippin's hometown of Tempe, Arizona, is a common theme throughout Pony Show's artistic and western vibes. At an early age, she was influenced by her family’s love for authentic craftsmanship.  "I have always been obsessed with vintage. Once I discovered Nashville and its' affordability, I decided the time was now!" she says. Chapman went on to live in San Francisco for 13 years where she gained experience in retail, make up artistry and massage therapy. 

 Pony Show is just four months away from celebrating one year in business. Since then, Pippin has attracted shoppers with original handmade items and traces of Nashville history. "Everything in the store is carefully selected so visitors are sure to find a special memento of Nashville no matter what they choose." Local artisans featured in the store include dream catchers by Deville Designs, jewelry, western handbags by Heritage Designs, and several prints.

Pippin also showcases her father's art on colorful shelves and white picket fence boarding.  His prints are made on a vintage Vandercook letterpress and complete with the slogan, "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Sometimes." Her design goal is for customers to feel a part of Pony Show's whimsical and timeless environment. 

Despite the time crunch to go picking for items, Chapman enjoys waking up everyday to work for herself. "It's just me-a one-woman Pony Show here. So, I have to strategize before and after the store closes, all while making time for a social life," she explains. "The rewards are too vast to even list."

In between putting out new merchandise, pricing, cleaning, and antique shopping, the eclectic shop owner takes time to chat with her customers. "This is one of the things I love about Nashville- we are all just so friendly!" So many of us are living our dreams-working for ourselves and being creative," she says. During my visit, I noticed friends stopping in to purchase items they had an eye on for a while. 

Shoppers seem to be an " interesting mix of neighborhood folks, Nashvillians from further out, and A LOT of tourists!" With this in mind, Pippin recognizes the pure and genuine community of like-minded individuals. "People really want to help others. There's plenty of success to go around for all of us!" she says.

You can follow Pippin and her latest finds on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Pony Show is located at 723 Porter Road in East Nashville. Look for a door front charmed with ribbon bunting and sounds of country and blues!